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Sunday, September 14, 2008

High Heeled Baby Shoes are Instantly Successful

I was watching the news and saw a product called Heelarious, which is a set of high heeled shoes for your baby. The heels are made of soft material so they collapse when you wear them. The shoes are made for a baby unable to walk – 0-6 month olds – and are meant to be funny.

The website is eye candy, very well done, in my personal opinion. The logo is cute and the pictures of the product look fun.

The company has been in business a couple months and was started by childhood friends Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter. Hayden loves high heels and Britta doesn’t own a pair of them. When they were going to a kid’s birthday party, Britta remembered being a child, and how Hayden was obsessed with shoes. Britta thought it would have been hilarious to dress a baby in high heeled shoes to a party.

Seven years passed, and the friends collaborated their efforts to make Heelarious shoes. Britta designed the logo herself in 2006. She then hired an attorney to create a patent for the product. They hired a local production company to create the first prototype, and 15 or 20 iterations later, they came up with the final product.

The company has done an excellent job of getting publicity for their product, which is only two months old and already has been on national news such as ABC, the Today Show, In Touch Weekly, the New York Post, and now of course, my blog winningstartups! Nicole Ritchie’s daughter was photographed in these shoes as well. The shoes are found in specialty stores in almost all states, and online through their website. I found a BBC article saying in the first two weeks they had sold 2,000 pairs of these shoes throughout England, Ireland and Belgium. The company has reps all over the world, distributing these shoes. The shoes retail for about $35, and there are several unique styles to choose from.


Mommy Meryl said...

I think these are adorable!! With a high ticket price, they aren't something I would have bought myself for Allie, but definitely a unique gift!!

Anonymous said...

The title of the site is a perfect match. That really is absolutely heelarious! I must agree with mommy meryl as well, it certainly would make for a cool gift!

t said...

It never ceases to amaze me what people will buy. Of course, I have boys, so couldn't enjoy this cute idea. They wouldn't even wear their bunny slippers at 3m, kept kicking them off.