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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jungle Jill Uses Background to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow - she turns 3! - and I'm planning a small party for her. I had some pink tuille and my friend came by yesterday to help me hang it and decorate to make the house look special. Today the birthday girl and I are going to make some cupcakes for her big day. She's incredibly excited that the day is going to be all about her.

I looked all over town for a Little Tikes kitchen to give her as a present. The craze for these kitchens seems to rival what Cabbage Patch kids were when I was a kid. I got on craigslist, called every resale shop in town, Walmart and Target, and couldn't find a kitchen for her. I will keep looking and hopefully find one for Christmas. I ended up getting her a Dora's Magical Castle instead.

While my friend and I were decorating yesterday she told me about a kid's party she went to where a lady comes to the house with exotic pets and animals that the kids can interact with. The business is called Jungle Jill. For $200, Jill will come to your party with 8-10 animals and stay for an hour. She will educate the children on what the animals eat, how they are cared for, and allow the kids to pet and feed the animals. A picture of the kids with the animals is also included.

Jill has loved animals since she was a kid, and double majored in zoology and biology of conservation. She has been the director of the education department of the Arizona Wildlife Zoo. Jill has appeared on Jay Leno, David Letterman, and has worked with Jack Hanna. You can request any animals you want to see at your party, but her website gives some ideas of pets to include at your party, including chickens, boa constrictors, centipedes, tortoises, ducks and kookaburras.

Sounds like a great unique way for Jill to use her background working with animals to entertain kids at birthday parties.


t said...

Sounds unique. People are always looking for party ideas!