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Monday, July 14, 2008

How a Nostalgic boardgame became a best seller

I went to college in the early nineties and it seemed at the time if you thought the eighties were cool you were blackballed. Now I feel like everyone from my generation is nostalgic and embraces the decade. God knows I have watched every episode of “I Love the 80’s” on VH1.

I love love love board games. For some reason I have always found a hard time finding people to play them with me though. Anyway, when I found this company called Intellinitiative Game Company, I realized I have to get “The 80’s Game” they offer. Apparently it’s now the best selling trivia game inspired by television shows and pop culture from the 80s. The company has other products too, like “the 90’s game” for the young folk, and “Word Sweep”. I feel I could kick some butt with the 80’s game though.

The company was started by siblings Evan, Anne and Clay Siegert in 2001. Clay, the oldest, came up with the idea when he was flipping through radio stations while driving through the Northeast. One of the Deejays asked questions about the 80’s and callers were jamming up the phone lines. So Clay decided to research the game industry to see whether there would be a niche for his idea to make 80s trivia into a board game. Finding a niche, Clay quit his job in Boston in 2000 to work full time on creating the game.

The games can be found in Target and Borders, as well as online and other retailers.

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Mommy Meryl said...

Hey - sounds like a great game!! My hubby & I love to play board games -we should set up a plan to do that when you guys get back!!

t said...

I don't play board games, I never really liked them nor the word games. However if I was going to play one, it would be an 80s game!