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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sky's the limit for advertising on airplanes

On my recent flight to Nebraska, I noticed my tray table had an advertisement for Toyota. All the seats on the flight had the same advertisement I believe. In the bottom corner there was a blurb about Sky Media International, the makers of the ads. Then recently I also saw an article in the New York Times regarding advertising on planes. Hey you know what? If it keeps the cost of my ticket down, go ahead, throw lots of advertising my way!

US Airways had been the only airliner to have tray table ads until recently, and now as gas prices are surging along with other operating costs, more and more airliners are considering onboard ads. Apparently this generates over $20 million a year in revenue for US Airways.

The statistics are astounding – over 90% of travelers recalled the ads on these tray tables in one study. On US Airways alone, there are over 6 million coach class seats and 540,000 first class seats that can obtain advertising each month. That translates to big bucks for airlines and for Sky Media International. And the demographics are fantastic: over 35% of airline travelers have household income over $100,000, which is double the national average, and flights last an average of two and half hours. That gives passengers a lot to think about.


Mommy Meryl said...

I always love looking at Skymall magazine - but then I hate the prices! :-) I hope you are enjoying San Diego - you and the rest of Phx!!

t said...

I once read an article by Bruce Handy, about the way the airline industry was in the 60s. You'd dress up just to get on the plane. Flying then was a bigger deal than getting on the space shuttle is now. They served champagne and beef medallion, with the stewardessess carving it right there in front of you. Now we have to endure no leg room and these dumb ads on our trays. Down with deregulation!! (But I do like cheap tickets...)

My Vision said...

I remember dressing up to get on planes in the late nineties even. I remember when people dressed up in Vegas too. Isnt it weird how times change?