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Monday, June 30, 2008

Dreyer's Ice Cream has gotten smaller in size

This doesn't have anything to do with my site but I'm just not going to let this get by unnoticed. I was at the grocery store yesterday to buy some ice cream. Dreyers ice cream. The carton has shrunk in size from 1.75 quarts to 1.5 quarts!!!!! And they are asking more money for it! I declare war! What's next to shrink, the Snickers bar??


Anonymous said...

I noticed this as well...especially since I'm paying more for a smaller size. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed! :)

Unknown said...

i noticed this too. What bullcarp?

from wiki:

In June 2002 Nestlé acquired 67% of Dreyer's.[2] In January 2006 it took full ownership of the company, thus becoming the world's biggest ice cream maker, with a 17.5% market share.[3] Dreyer's has also acquired its own ice cream brands, including the Snelgrove's Ice Cream brand in Utah.
In 2002, Nestle insisted on a smaller container to increase profits and so the standard Half Gallon (2 Quarts) container (4 Pints) was down sized to 1.75 Quarts (3.5 Pints) container. In May 2008, the 1.75 Quart container was further down sized to 1.5 Quarts (3 Pints). Other ice cream manufacturers followed the down sizing move.