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Monday, June 30, 2008

Website that finds recipes using ingredients in your pantry

I have a pantry full of canned foods and a freezer full of meats and other things I got while buying in bulk. Somehow, my mind becomes numb when I go to the grocery store and I seem to forget about my inventory. This summer I have made it my goal to use up as much stuff as possible in my pantry. I recently came across an incredible website started by brainchild Assaf Rozenblatt, named http://www.supercook.com/. What you do is type in the ingredients you have in your pantry and it spits out recipes that use up as many of these ingredients as possible. And, Supercook can automatically figure out what substitutions you can make in a given recipe. This dude is genius for coming up with this product.

Assaf is only 27, but already came up with the website http://www.brainboost.com/ when he was 24. Brainboost is a website that allows you to ask questions and it comes up with answers from a huge database. Assaf sold Brainboost to Answers.com in 2005 for approximately $10 million. Not too bad. In October 2007, Assaf founded Supercook. Assaf was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and he’s had no formal computer training. Yes, this man was self taught since the age of 12. At age 14 when most of us were doing science projects to see how much a fish can eat in a day, Assaf was figuring out how to make a computer taste. This guy is way over my head, but I like his product, and plan to use this site regularly.


Mommy Meryl said...

what a great idea!! now, why can't we come up with something like that?