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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Make a livelihood from two weeks of work selling fireworks

During the week of Fourth of July as a kid, I spent most of my evenings shooting fireworks and sparklers. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just part of being a kid. Fourth of July used to be my favorite holiday. Because of the dryness and heat of Arizona, independent fireworks are pretty much illegal due to the nature of fire hazards. My parents know some entrepreneurs who sell fireworks at local stands in Nebraska for the time period allowed (approximately ten days) prior to Independence Day and they make their entire livelihood from those sales. Yes, fireworks sales are big business.

Another company, Bellino Fireworks, based out of Papillion Nebraska, distributes fireworks to 73 stands in four different states during the ten days leading up to Independence Day. According to Omaha.com, Don Bellino works with Chinese manufacturers to custom package fireworks to sell at his stands, to include the name Bellino Fireworks. Many of the fireworks are similar, but Bellino works to create a variety of names. Apparently, marketing fireworks is similar to marketing any other product – it’s a name game, and some fireworks are marketed toward the macho types, with names like Hydrogen Bomb and Air Commandos, while others are marketed with names like Blond Joke and Wake the Neighbors.
I'm sure the fireworks distributors work hard, but I just love the idea of making a living from two weeks of sales.


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