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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What were those women thinking?

If you’ve ever been to Z Gallerie you may have seen the amazing products by Anne Taintor. She has a unique line of cards, magnets, books, flasks, etc., that include vintage pictures of women with a collage of humorous phrases. While at a yard sale in Maine, Anne was drawn to a stack of old magazine pictures of women from the fifties, wondering what they really were thinking when they were taking the photographs. Anne graduated from Harvard in 1977, had a career in cartography and played with the photos in her free time. As a single mom, she wanted to spend more time with her daughter so she decided to focus on her product line. She moved to a small town in northern New Mexico with 99 people, and now ships her products to over 2000 retailers throughout the world. I find her sense of humor to be absolutely hilarious.