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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Truck and a lot of Bucks

In 1985 Mary Ellen Sheets found herself divorced and raising two teenage boys ages 13 and 16. The boys wanted to make some money so she put out an ad in the local paper for Two Men and a Truck for them to help people move. The boys weren't men yet but the phrase had a nice ring to it. She also made them a nice logo at her kitchen table with stick figures of two people sitting in the front of a truck, which the company still uses. The boys eventually went off to college, but customers kept calling. Mary Ellen decided she'd continue the local business, so she hired movers from Manpower for $10/hour. Three years into the biz, after only investing $350, she had five trucks on the road and was on the brink of making millions of dollars, after meeting with a teacher at a local college about franchising. Today they have franchises nationally and internationally.