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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They brought Diesel to the Valley of the Sun

I’m kind of picky about my jeans. They are something I wear almost everyday and I’m kind of difficult to fit because I have weird proportions. For years I’ve gone to a place called Hub Clothing. It’s a small store with the hottest names in jeans, mainly. There’s always someone knowledgeable to help me fit the jeans correctly, and they have a cool “butt cam” by the fitting room so I can see for myself how I look. This last time I was there I got a pair that didn’t look so great after I wore them for an hour, so I took them back and they mailed me a new pair. Their website claims they brought Diesel jeans to the Valley in 1994. I found out one of the girls who helped me, Jennifer, is actually an owner of the place, along with a husband and wife team. Turns out Jennifer loved to shop there and her mom talked the original owner into making Jennifer a partner. She bought into the company in 2006. Thanks, Mom!