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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Experience Necessary

Speaking of my jeans from the last post, I decided to do a little research on them. The brand name is Genetic. I probably learned more info than I wanted to know but such is life. Interestingly, my pair is the same Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner wear, apparently, from the photos on the site. Yippee skip. Anyway, the founder is Ali Fatourechi. He’s a businessman, not a designer really. In 2005 he rented a U-haul and bought a bunch of designer jeans. He then went to colleges and set up sample sales, and interviewed buyers as to what they liked and disliked regarding fit. Then he went back to Los Angeles and started designing the jeans, coming up with two basic styles: recessive (slimmer) and dominant (looser fit). Get it – recessive and dominant Genes (jeans)? Pretty clever. He’s made his way to Phoenix, and is premiering a line in Japan as well. Not to mention, he has mastered to get a lot of press on his product. I don't care about that really, I just know they fit better than all the other jeans I tried on and they are thin like tissue paper.