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Sunday, April 27, 2008


His name is the Naked Cowboy, and he is known for playing his guitar in Times Square wearing just his boots, briefs, cowboy hat and guitar. I saw this guy recently on TV because he’s suing M&Ms for trademark infringement. Apparently M&Ms used a picture of an M&M with this wardrobe in an ad and placed the ad in the Times Square, but forgot to ask the Cowboy. The guy’s name is Robert John Burck. He started his career in 1998, playing the guitar on Venice Beach. He wasn’t well received, so a friend suggested he play in his underwear. He took the advice, moved his locale to Times Square and has been extremely successful entertaining passersby with his music. He’s been featured on several television shows and sells a variety of shirts, DVDs, underwear. He’s also available for business and party appearances.


Bren said...

I've seen pictures of this guy but hadn't heard the M&M thing.

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