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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What do you get when you mix a color blind artist with a model?

Tracy Porter home products!!!! I LOVE their story. She started out as a model making up to $1500/day, but yearned for a simpler life. Her boyfriend John was a model. In 1990 his mom held a crafts party, featuring Tracy’s designs. Tracy’s designs were a hit and sold out that afternoon. The following year she and John got married and decided to sell their “art” full time. They started out making their products in a non-heated chicken coop in a small town in Wisconsin. Today they are a multi, multi-million dollar empire, selling to Neiman Marcus and just about every other store you can think of. The husband and wife founders still work out of a small Wisconsin town but now have some kids, commute only five minutes to work each day, and have mandatory “date nights” once a week.