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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No more monkeys jumping on the bed

Ever heard of Pump it Up? Seems the franchises are everywhere I turn, and my daughter LOVES to go bounce. In fact, we are going Friday. Brenda Dronkers started the company on a tight budget. She didn’t have a college degree, was a mother of three, and had no money. Now though, there are over 160 franchises and the company brought in over $55 million last year. She just started the biz 8 years ago. Now, she’s sold out of the company and is starting a new company this year called Thriving Ink. She says one of the big lessons she learned was to use professionals from the beginning, because she skimped with Pump it Up, and in the end it cost her more than if she had just done it right from the beginning. I see her point, but half of all businesses fail, so I would probably follow her original method and skimp in the beginning but once it’s successful upgrade.