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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exercise Your Right to Vote - Buy Candidate Cookies

I feel so priveleged to live in a country where we can elect our leader and have the opportunity to rid itself of ineffective leaders every four years. At the risk of getting too political (Obama/Biden 08), in honor of tonight's VP debate I thought I would highlight a bakery selling candidate cookies.

Max and Benny's bakery in Northbrook, Illinois is conducting a presidential poll by keeping track of how many cookies are sold with Obama vs. McCain on the front. These cookies can be purchased online or in their store. You can order Palin cookies, McCain cookies, Biden cookies, Obama cookies, or a sampler box with all of the candidates on the front. What a cute idea and excellent way to expand your product line for the election drama every four years! (Obama/Biden 08) According to the bakery, Obama cookies are far outselling McCain cookies. However, to be fair, this bakery is located in Illinois, Obama's home state.

Max and Benny's opened its doors in 1985. The owner, Lester Schlan, discovered there wasn't a deli around which sold corned beef and lox, so he decided to start one. The name he picked for his deli was already taken, so he named the deli instead after his two sons. Lester credits his success to a couple factors: 1) he's passionate about food and 2) the support he receives from his family. According to him, not a lot of women would put up with a husband working seven days a week.

Max and Benny's

  • Serves 30 Metric Tons of Corned Beef every year

  • Uses enough Mustard to cover 8 football fields each year

  • Purchases over 300,000 pounds of Flour every year

  • Has made enough Chicken Soup to fill 2 Olympic sized swimming pools

  • Makes 1 kilometer’s length of Kishke each year

  • Makes enough Bagels every year to provide the population of Northbrook (2005 Census) with one dozen bagels per person

  • Serves over fourteen thousand pounds of Lox every year (That's enough Salmon to inhabit one of the large tanks at the Shedd Aquarium).

Click here to check out their candidate cookie video, and stock up on your candidate cookies in preparation for tonight's debate!

(Obama/Biden 08)


t said...

The picture seems not to be coming through on your site?

Sounds intriguing. I wonder if Bush cookie sales would be at zero? Just curious.