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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Giving aspiring musicians a safe place to perform

Have you heard of the organization Toastmasters? Its intention is to help people who are nervous about giving speeches in public a “safe” environment to practice and learn to feel comfortable getting out in front of people.
I recently came across another organization which helps musicians perform in front of people as well. It’s called Fiddler’s Dream.
The coffee shop is a volunteer based non-profit which is open for musicians as well as people interested in listening to and appreciating the music. The shop is alcohol free, smoke free. The place is leased out on the weekends, and Fiddler’s Dream is open to all musical styles. They charge an admission to listeners, which they use to give back to the musicians and maintain their lease. Fiddler's Dream is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.
I think this is a fantastic way for performers to get their start in a positive environment. I'd like to see more of these kinds of places pop up in other parts of the country. What do you think?


Mommy Meryl said...

My problem is not stage fright - but having an awful voice!! But what a great idea this company created!! I wonder if I love Allie's karaoke machine more than she does!!