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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Contest to Win 100 Free Business Cards from PrintPrintPrint.biz

In the past I have worked with several printing and graphic design companies to help me with marketing materials for companies. I've been really annoyed with one company, in particular, that gives me a million ads to click through before I can make my purchase. There's a new website www.printprintprint.biz that addresses the same issues I have had with online printing companies. They strive to offer the fastest, best quality printing and design for the best pricing.

The company is offering one lucky commenter 100 free business cards. To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post and you will automatically be registered to win. Contest ends midnight September 2, 2008.

Here's an excerpt from our interview:

1. How did you get the idea for your company?

I started doing freelance graphic design at a very young age and I was always in search of the cheapest priced printing with the best quality and turnaround that I could find. After all, that's how I made part of my profit! After finding a few good companies to work with, I noticed that none of them had easy to use websites. I also noticed that the shipping costs changed for all my "internet" based clients, so I always had to re-quote my customers jobs which made me look extremely unprepared. This is why/when I said I would start my own online printing & design company and provide 5 things: cheap priced printing, great quality, quick turnaround, and the same shipping costs for everyone in the continental United States - all available from an easy to use website.

2. What was your background prior to starting your business?

Graphic Design & Custom Web Development

3. What has been your biggest challenge in starting your own company?

Getting everything right on the website so it is easy to use for all customers. This is an ongoing challenge but we seem to have most of our bases covered at this point...

4. How long did it take to get the company up and running?

Roughly 5 months. The website took the longest to complete

5. What goals do you have for the company?

We hope to steal all of our competitors customers based on our Cheap Prices, Great Quality, Quick Turnaround and easy to use website!!! Did I say that out loud?

We really want to show our customers the advantages of using us by providing them with a great product & service. Over time, we will to continually lower our prices (instead of raise them like our competitors) based upon receiving higher volume's of orders. Check out https://www.printprintprint.biz/index.php?location=about
for more about our business & customer goals. It all basically
boils down to: We save money by receiving more and more orders daily,
so we then in turn pass this savings on to our customers.

6. What is your competitive advantage?

Well 1 thing is - people can get their total price right from our homepage as our shipping prices are the same throughout the entire US which is not seen on any of our competitor sites. We also exceed the quality, turnaround time and prices of most of our competitors. This, combined with offering custom graphic design on our website allows us to continually gain market share.

We also have extremely low overhead. We don't have huge office space, tons of employees, and different departments. We all basically wear many hats to keep costs very low for us and our customers!

7. Are you planning to sell t-shirts on your site as well in the future? I didn't see any.

Yes - we are planning on selling custom printed t-shirts at an extremely low price. But, we are launching an entirely new site for that... The new website is http://www.signsignsign.biz/. We'll be offering custom printed t-shirts, yard signs, vinyl banners, bumper stickers, and vinyl & magnets for your car. We're looking to launch that site within 1 months time.

8. When dd you start the biz?

http://www.printprintprint.biz/ was started back in March 2008.

Don't forget to leave a comment and you will be registered to win the contest for 100 free business cards.

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ALF said...

So I don't have my own business but I pretty much wish I did.

Anonymous said...

Free biz cards! Huzzah! I am wanting to (finally) kick start a business idea I've had in the back of my mind for years. I'll use these cards to do it!

Mommy Meryl said...

Definitely would love to win this - was just going to go to vista print to get some free business cards! I'll hold off to see if I win!! :-)

kfgoldshow said...

I could really use these!

Anonymous said...

I just started a dog care business and I could really use the cards. Jobs here on the island are very hard to find so you have to reinvent yourself...not easy at times.

Unknown said...

I could sure use these! Thanks for a great giveaway!

Unknown said...

I've recently created a start-up company with a good friend of mine. We use an online printing service but I want higher quality.
I'm very much interested in business cards and a new vendor!

t said...

Ihave had many business cards but have never used one. At this job I don't have any. May as well save a tree if I can. I could use maybe 10, that way I would register for a free meal somewhere by throwing one in the fish bowl.

Unknown said...

Great contest idea!

I am just starting my own business this fall and this would be an excellent start!

vboackle said...

great to also put in gifts.

idahomom said...

I am starting a bookkeeping business and I could really use these cards.

Anonymous said...

I weave baskets and this would be a great enclosure card for baskets that I share with others! Thanks senekers[at]comcast.net

mich0825 said...

what a treat! It's good to hear success stories too :)

masonsgranny59 said...

I could really use these!

Anonymous said...

I do have my own small buisness and could really use these thanks

Miz Vickik said...

Nice! Thank you!

Donna said...

These would help out.