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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Business offering a cheaper alternative to the standard Wedding Cake

The lady who did the cake for my wedding lives down the street from my parents. She does a really nice job and her pricing is incredibly affordable. My parents have ordered several birthday cakes from her but all too often it seems either she loses the order or forgets or there’s a fire in her house or some bizarre reason seems to always come up and we end up frantically getting a Sara Lee cake from the local grocer last minute instead. I must admit as a bride I was nervous the cake wasn’t going to show up, and was concerned about what it would look like when it did.

Now brides don’t have to worry about any of that drama. There’s a business out of Michigan called CakeRental.com. You can see the cake of your dreams prior to your wedding and rent the foam filled cake!! There’s even a small compartment to put a real piece of cake in for the bride and groom cake cutting ceremony. And if you really love the look of your cake you can buy it and keep it forever. It sounds hilarious, but let’s step back and think about this. Real wedding cakes are expensive. They can topple over while being transported, if you have an outdoor wedding the cake can melt if it’s in the heat, and let’s face it, when you are a guest at a wedding, you don’t know if you are getting a piece of the real centerpiece cake or one of cheap side sheet cakes anyway.

Cake Rental cakes cost around $150 to rent (custom cakes are $250), they are shipped to you in a special box. You set it up and ship it back after your event.

Kimberly Aya gave brides options of real or fake cakes and after seeing what the fake ones looked like, the majority of her brides were buying the fake cakes. She runs the company out of her bakery in Michigan. However, she wants to franchise the concept so that brides in every state can just walk in and pick up the cake, bringing in lots of new customers. In July 2007 she opened her bakery and made sixty cakes that year. This year, she expects to make 250 cakes, and she plans to make over 500 next year. Anyone interested in a cake rental franchise?


Mommy Meryl said...

Brilliant idea. . .its amazing how much money we spend on wedding, kids' bday parties, etc just to realize how much we could have saved and have it be just as wonderful! Unfortunately, I don't know if I really ever learn my lesson there. . .