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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Independence Month! Contest to celebrate all month!

Join my contest through July 31 to help me win (or at least make a showing) at Blogging Idol.

If I win, the proceeds will be given to St. Mary's Food Bank, to help hundreds of needy families to eat.

Your vote (a free subscription to my site)is the only way to win. Prize for me - Blogging Idol winner, prize for St. Mary's food bank - $3000, prize for you:

for the first one hundred people who subscribe to my blog, I will include your blog in my blogroll on the landing page of my site.

The rank of your blog on my blogroll will be based on points. You get:
5 points for subscribing
5 points for writing about my blog contest on your site
5 points for contributing a successful startup story to my email winningstartups@aol.com.
1 point for every comment you make on my blog throughout the month

If you are a current subscriber, God bless ya! Let me know and I will start your blog at the top of my list.

If you don’t have a blog or want to be recognized, that’s wonderful too, but please subscribe anyway!

Subscribe to my feed. C'mon it's free


Mommy Meryl said...

Excellent idea!! :-) Don't forget to include me! :-) http://mommymeryl.blogspot.com!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've already subscribed before the contest and tried twice or more after. I've no idea how feedburner gets a count. Or why yahoo would show both subscribes.

I actually enjoy reading these startup stories. Actually would ha ve preferred a startup story to having the blogroll contest. Ever consider special feature articles that are way more in depth for every once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting technique. Good-luck to you.

From a fellow blogging-Idol competitior

Anonymous said...

I subscribed! I do enjoy reading the startup stories! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello there!! I have subscribed to show my support!! Goodluck to us on Blogging Idol!! :)

Ben Moreno said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment.

Good luck to you as well!

- Ben

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me a push to start off in the competition !
I do like your ideas for adding subscribers to your blog, so you can count me in, I just subscribed :-)
Looking forward to reading your stories about successful startups.

Harper's Mom said...

Hi! I subscribed. Thanks for reading my blog as well. I would too like to start up a business (making custom invitations/announcements) but this past year has been too chaotic to think about starting something new. Good luck in the Blogger Idol contest...you'll at least beat me! :)

t said...

Dang girl, you have a lot of readers now! I don't want my blog listed but I'll do what I can to make you win.

Amy said...

Hey there- good luck with the blogging idol. I just subscribed and confirmed my email! I would love to be added to your blog roll.

Amy said...

A big fat zero huh? Well I subscribed so that should have zoomed you to the top--lol! Hopefully you'll get more in the next few weeks.
Good luck!
I'd like to contribute my start up story, i've only been open a couple months though- does that count?

K.R. said...

Count me in! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I just subscribed. You have some really good content and I think you'll start your own business in no time. Just keep taking baby steps.