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Sunday, June 29, 2008

$1 franchise fee to sell Terror Free Oil

Would you spend more money to buy gasoline from a place where the oil came from a non-terror sponsoring nation? CNBC last year did a little survey and found several people were willing to pay more, even up to 30 cents more per gallon to buy oil from a terror free nation.

I was in Omaha last week, home to the only “Terror Free Oil” gas station. It was located on a street with a couple other gas stations. I feel somewhat un-American by saying this, but I elected to use Bucky’s gas, instead of the one called Terror Free Oil. Not sure why, but I think the name intimidated me, like I thought some terrorist was going to jump out at me or something if I went to the gas station. When I go back to Omaha, I will make sure I conquer my sillyness and buy my gas from Terror Free Oil.

The company was founded because they were sick and tired of funding our own demise by sending our money to the Middle East every time they fill up at the pump. Terror Free Oil gas prices are competitive with other gas stations. Since gasoline is a fungible commodity, international oil gets mixed into the pipeline. However, oil purchased from Sinclair, Cenex, and Hess comes from countries that don’t import oil from the Middle East. This is where Terror Free Oil imports their oil.

Terror Free Oil is offering a franchise of their stations for the price of $1, because they want every gas station in America to be terror free.


t said...

Girl, you should have gone to Terror Free Oil! I go there all the time to get my gas, plus it's the cheapest in town!