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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Profiting from a cheating ex-boyfriend

There’s a website that has been up since February, called exboyfriendjewelry.com. It is here you can sell jewelry given to you by an ex that you no longer want or wear. Megahn Perry came up with the idea after she and her fiancé broke up, and she wanted to get rid of the engagement ring he had given her. She started out at the local pawn shop in the sleazy part of town, where the proprietor freaked her out, and offered her only $75. She then tried the consignment shop down the street, but lacked confidence in them to hold onto her jewelry. She told her stepmom her dilemma, and that afternoon, they came up with the idea of a website where women can sell their goods, and along with the jewelry, must tell the story behind the breakup. The goal of the site is to be more personal than Ebay or other auction sites.

Seems fairly timely, as half of marriages end in divorce – what to do with the ring? Certainly most divorced women don’t intend to wear it again. Why not sell?

The website doesn’t charge commission or make money from people buying or selling. However, they do make money on advertisers on their site.

I’ve been on the site several times, and the site shows how many users are on at any given time. Looks like they have quite a bit of traffic, and currently over a thousand listings. Additionally, the site has gotten lots of press so far, from People, the Today show, and the New York Times.