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Monday, June 23, 2008

17 Differences between AZ and NE

I spent the last week in Nebraska, visiting relatives and friends. Had a nice time, it was difficult to say goodbye to everyone. While there, I noticed several differences between Nebraska and the Phoenix area, where I live, and thought I’d share with my readers my observations. I'm not saying one place is better than the other. In fact, my preference would be to spend half the year in each place.

Things you find in NE

  1. Smoking rooms and cheap hotels
  2. Signs about Abortion Kills
  3. Deer, raccoon and skunk roadkill
  4. Rusty domestic cars
  5. Restaurants: Valentinos, Runza, Amigos
  6. Strawberry Orchards in bloom
  7. College World Series and NE Huskers
  8. Farmers Markets with homegrown foods
  9. Flyswatters and mosquitos
  10. Lawnmowers and green grass
  11. White, yellow and blue houses
  12. Neighbors who are friends
  13. Professional weathermen
  14. Catholic churches on every street corner
  15. Rain/tornados/snow
  16. Savers, as opposed to spenders
  17. Bright yellow neon signs

Things you find in AZ:

  1. Expensive resorts
  2. Signs about Illegal Immigration
  3. Snake, coyote, and rabbit roadkill
  4. Shiny new foreign cars
  5. Restaurants: Salt Cellar, Binkleys, Roys
  6. Cactus Farms in bloom
  7. Superbowl, Suns, Diamondbacks, Cardinals
  8. Art and Wine festivals
  9. Scorpions
  10. Desert landscaping
  11. Brown houses. Only.
  12. Neighbors who are acquaintances
  13. The news anchor doubles as the weatherman
  14. Twenty minute drives to find a church
  15. Seasons: Hot and hotter
  16. Spenders, as opposed to savers
  17. Signs that match the environment, in Spanish and English.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to SITS! We're so glad you found us.

Mommy Meryl said...

ahhhh - you haven't seen my pink/salmon house with pink/salmon rock yet. . .no brown to be found here! But trust me - pink/pink wasn't my choice. . .

Saw your comment about mornings vs evenings - my only thought is that our mornings used to be a no brainer and evenings were the challenge. Then Kindergarten came and it was a whole new world. . .

There is something about getting ready for K that just doesn't exist when you are getting ready for preschool - can't explain it. You'll see . . .:-)