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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Selling hard to find grocery items brings in the bucks

So many of the great products of years past are very difficult to find, if not extinct. Remember any of these?

  • Moon Pies
  • Jello No Bake Cheesecake
  • Chef Boyardee Lasagna
  • Freshen Up bubblegum
  • Wonka Nerds
  • Candy cigarettes
  • Pixy sticks
  • Cherry Mash
  • Clark Bars
  • Mary Janes
  • Slo-Pokes
  • Bottlecaps

Apparently all these items are still being made, they are just difficult to find. There is a company whose mission is to sell nostalgic candy and hard to find grocery items from yesteryear. Hometown Favorites was started in 1996, as a “source for hard to find favorites for transplanted northerners to warm sunny Florida.” The company now has over 2000 hard to find items, and they ship throughout the country. They will research any item you are missing, and have a discontinued list of items they have already researched online.

According to their website, “There are many reasons a product becomes scarce - lack of shelf space at your local grocer, not a big seller in your area, item is seasonal in nature, product is only produced sporadically making it hard for local grocers to stock on a regular basis. Most local grocers want to sell you new, Bigger, best - those items being promoted by big name manufacturers with the advertising muscle to consume the shelf space in your store. The products we carry may come from small manufacturers with limited distribution, or items that are very regional in nature (coffee syrup, abba-zaba bars). But we also carry some big names - Nabisco, Betty Crocker, Quaker - we just specialize in the flavors/brands that seem to never make their way to the shelves. All products have one thing in common - YOU'VE REQUESTED IT!”
This site is fantastic – the only thing they are missing is Fudge Jumbles! Man I’m craving those!


Anonymous said...

Fudge Jumbles? Grocery store baby sitting? You have all the cool stuff. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Susan Cook said...

I remember "Freshen Up gum" That was awesome, I loved chewing it and having the stuff squirt out in the middle. I would love to find some of that now.There was another candy I remember called something like Fizz, were it was hard on the outside and then on the inside was something that would fizz in your mouth. Remember those? Those were cool.

Bay Area Knitter said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog... I can understand what you're saying about it being over the top... My parents didn't do all that for me either. In fact I have just become more eco-aware myself since moving to California this year. Still, I just had to post that article because I had no idea that there were even such day cares in existence...
Anywho, Freshenup Gum! Wow! I loved that stuff! The Gum that goes squirt! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm still hoping someone is selling, if they're making it, the honey roasted Peter Pan peanut butter; I miss that so much! Great find!