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Monday, May 12, 2008

Making money over the Holidays

I’m shocked. I just read that Americans spend $8.5 billion on holiday lighting every year. While driving by someone’s house with a nice Christmas lights display one year, I saw it was professionally installed, so I took down the number and called to see how much it would be to have them deck out our house in lights for the holidays. Since I was calling in December that year, prices were astronomical – like over thousand bucks to have them light a few cactuses. Guess every sucker in Scottsdale had the same idea at the same time, driving up prices. Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t that be a phenomenal business idea? Just work two months out of the year, hire people to hang lights and take them down. Genius. Unfortunately someone else already thought of this idea. There’s a company called Brite Lites, which was founded in 1989, with the goal of supplying full service Christmas lighting. They offer design consultation, installation, removal and storage of your lights. By 1996, the company was installing over 300 homes with lights. A couple years later they started offering distributorships and now there are over 250 distributors nationwide. I see on their website they offer business opportunity packages for people to get started with their own Christmas lighting businesses.