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Thursday, May 15, 2008

In with the old out with the new

We went to Beijing, China a few years ago and the entire city was under construction as they were preparing for the Olympics. With each torn down building goes the history of the city, as it is replaced with new modern architecture. So sad, I think. The city is starting to look like every other metropolitan city in the world. I’m beginning to get the same feeling about the Phoenix metropolitan area as well. Many of the great Southwestern restaurants at local resorts are changing their cuisine to become prime steak houses. The kitschy car wash I loved in Cave Creek has been transformed into a sleek new one. Even Rawhide Western Town has moved from Scottsdale to Chandler and will be replaced with housing. However, there is still one beautiful jewel left in Cave Creek, AZ. It’s called the Town Dump. They call themselves one of the world’s most unusual stores. It’s outdoor and items are laying around everywhere. They sell some really cool stuff like full sized armor, wooden legs, even false teeth in the past. You just never know what you’ll find there. The store was founded in 1977 by Madelyn Hines, who says the store reflects the individualistic nature of the town. I hope they stay open forever. My out of town guests seem to love that place. Who knows, someday soon it could be all we have left to reflect Cave Creek’s uniqueness as a city.