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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to make money from Lice and Scabies

My daughter’s had eczema since she was born. One day her eczema got worse and the steroid crème her dermatologist stopped working, so I took her back to the derm. I hadn’t even gotten her out of her car seat when the doctor took one look at her and told me she had a classic case of scabies. My stomach turned with horror and I got all teary eyed. He assured me it wasn’t a big deal, kids get it all the time and I just needed to apply a prescription crème on her at night and wash it off in the morning. Oh, and sanitize all her linens, clothing, and soft cloth items in the house. My husband and I spent the next two days, twelve hours each day, doing fifteen loads of laundry on the sanitizing setting, baggaging all of the items she’d sat in, played with, etc, in the last month. Nightmare, to say the least. If I could have found someone to do this for me I would have. I see there is a company in Canada, Licesquad.com, that offers a service to rid your kid and your house of lice (not scabies, but the procedures for removal are somewhat similar – cleaning bed sheets, linens). They charge $55/hour for their services, and they even franchise. Will someone please start this business in my area, and include scabies treatment as well???


Anonymous said...

A BIG thanks from Lice Squad. Yes we hope to be helping people in as many places as we can. Treating lice and other bug related issues can be frustrating and even more so when all that seems availible is putting pesticides on our kids to do so. I apprecaite your blog on this topic and your support of our efforts to help people with this issue.

Keep the feedback comming.

Dawn Mucci
Founder Lice Squad Inc.