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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The importance of a Name

The LA Times talks about the skill of naming a movie, and how the title can make or break the profitability of the film. There’s a company called Rich in Meaning, which focuses on branding and generates names for movies, video games, television shows. As a frequent moviegoer, the title is often what gets me to the theater, or in many cases can keep me away. For example, even before certain movies tanked at the box office, I had no desire to go to these based on their names:

  • Gigli (couldn’t pronounce it)
  • Valkyrie (New Tom Cruise movie scheduled next year, most people can’t pronounce)
  • The Adventures of Pluto Nash (never heard of Pluto Nash and really don’t care to hear about his adventures)
  • The Hottie and the Nottie (what the hell is a nottie?)
  • Ishtar (Sounds like a bad foreign film)
  • Lions for Lambs
  • Osmosis Jones
  • Zathura

None of the above movies did well, with the exception of the yet to be released Valkyrie, though my intuition tells me that movie too is trouble. I'm sure there are many other reasons these films didn't do well, but it starts with the name.

Rich in Meaning has built a business on naming other businesses. Their client list is impressive. Wonder what they would think about Winning Startups for my website?