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Monday, May 19, 2008

Aggressive Marketing brings in $20 million after five years

I’ve said in the past I don’t have a pet, but I’m completely fascinated with how big an industry the pet business has become. I think Paris Hilton is partially responsible because she was always carrying that Chihuahua with her and ever since it seems pets are the “in” thing. Maybe I was just clueless before. Anyway, I just read about a company called FURminator, started in 2002, which sells a grooming tool to combat pet shedding. The husband and wife team had tried many products that claimed to reduce shedding, but as groomers, they were not satisfied with the products on the market. Together they came up with the FURminator, which apparently rids dogs and cats of up to 90% of their shedding. Additionally, they offer a shampoo and conditioner, dog treats and food supplements. Originally launched with professional pet groomers, then aggressively targeted veterinary offices, pet rescue shelters, trade shows, QVC and pet supply distributors. In 2006, sales were $10 million, last year they doubled to more than $20 million. I wonder if the product works on humans I seem to be shedding quite a bit since giving birth.