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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can't find what you like? Do it yourself!

Let’s face it: Americans love celebrities. We like our television and movies. We like People magazine and Perez Hilton. When Georgette Blau graduated college she moved to NYC. She searched for a tour that would take her past the great landmarks of her favorite movies and television shows. Couldn’t find one. So she started her own, called On Location Tours. She had just $3000 in savings, and on the weekends, she offered her tour to tourists, showing them places like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, the building from The Nanny, the police precinct from NYPD Blue. Initially she was just making $400/weekend. Then Georgette decided to hand out brochures at places tourists frequent, she also established a website, and got on the Today show. She quit her job in 2001 to work on her tour fulltime and started a tour based on the Sopranos, then another tour about Sex in the City. Today she has five fulltime employees, and several part timers, and is bringing in over a million a year.