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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recycled Products exported from the US Turn Tiedemann into a wealthy dude

Ten years ago, Tony Tiedemann founded the company ABS Inc Clothing and Exports which every day takes in 120,000 pounds of used clothing for recycling. Some of this clothing is made into industrial rags, but most of it is sent overseas to resale shops in developing countries. This year, Tiedemann was named the SBA Small Business Exporter of the year for Arizona. His company packs the bales of clothing into gigantic shipping containers. The clothing is then exported to twenty countries. ABS has been helped by the declining dollar, since its products are cheaper for developing countries to now afford. Tiedemann has built his success by studying the management practices of former GE CEO Jack Welch, and by hiring dedicated people who are knowledgeable about the markets overseas. Additionally, he is constantly improving the way they do business. Projected revenue this year is $12 million, and the company employs 165 people worldwide.