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Monday, April 28, 2008

Business Startup on a Shoestring Budget

I love finding successful businesses which are started with very little money. If I were to start a business, that’s how I’d do it. There’s a fun store I have gone to in Nebraska called Eileen’s Colossal Cookies. Eileen took a cake decorating class so she could make birthday cakes for her two sons. She had seen a place in Omaha that sold decorated cookies, so she thought she would try the concept in Hastings Nebraska, where she lived. She began her business out of her home in 1982, posting ads in local newspapers and selling to convenience stores in the area. She offered free delivery of her cookies and delivered them dressed in a Cookie Monster costume. The concept became so popular a year and a half later she opened her first store. Four years later she opened another store in Grand Island Nebraska, and then four years later another in Kearney, Nebraska. Eileen has since franchised her store with 10 additional locations throughout the Midwest.


Handmade Cute said...

Aloha! Thank you for visiting our Hawaii WAHMs blog and for sharing your stories with us. It is great to hear how others have actually realized their dreams ~ something we all strive for!