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Friday, April 18, 2008

Blooming buck$

If you know me and you’ve needed a pick me up sometime in the last ten years, chances are I’ve sent you a cookie bouquet from Blooming Cookies. The catalog I once found made everything look sooooo cute and I became hooked. They put cookies on sticks and house them in a flower (flour) pot. Ann King started the company in 1984. Prior to starting the company she was a flight attendant and had expectations of moving into the airline’s public relations department. Nine years into this career she resigned and sold everything she had to write a newsletter and book about traveling to hideaway destinations. This project was unprofitable, and as this was coming to an end, she watched a morning show where they highlighted a lady selling chocolate stemmed roses. She wanted to do this idea with cookies instead. She made a sample of her idea and showed them to a friend who worked in the purchasing department of Neiman Marcus (nice connection to have). Her friend liked the idea, so Ann borrowed $500 to get started. One customer asked if she could stick the cookies in a flower pot instead of a box and her motto became “Yes”. Another customer asked if she could write a name on the pot. Yes, she said, and her product eventually morphed into what it is today. Blooming Cookies now ships worldwide, Ann has been on Oprah, and they are doing very very well. Hmm, I think I will send a bouquet to someone right now...