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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Best Salads in St. Paul

In the late 1940s, Dorothy Lynch and her hubby ran a restaurant inside the Legion Club in St. Paul, Nebraska. You’re probably thinking you’ve never heard of that town. I haven’t either and I’m from Nebraska. Anyway, they served Dorothy’s secret recipe dressing in this restaurant, and people liked it so much people came from miles away to fill jugs with this salad dressing. Years later in 1964, another company called Tasty-Toppings purchased the recipe and set up a production facility in Columbus, Nebraska (slightly larger town). Today they are so big they’ve moved to Duncan Nebraska and make the dressing out of a 64,000 square foot facility. The Dorothy Lynch dressing craze has caught on throughout the rest of the country, as it’s now sold in 26 states and hundreds of stores. I'm very excited about this, because Dorothy Lynch is one of my favorite dressings