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Monday, March 17, 2008

Toys Netflix

I have a list of over one hundred business ideas which I’ve come up with over the years, thinking that someday I may actually start one of them. One of the ideas on my list was an online toy rental exchange. Geniosity! Kids are sick of toys after a few months and then the toys end up in a reject pile in the corner. Not sure why, but I was shocked the other day when I saw another mom is actually doing this business idea. It’s called Babyplays.com. It’s sort of a netflix for toys- you pay a monthly fee, rent up to six toys a month, then send them back when your child is finished. She says she funded the company in October 2007 with $250,000, and has been putting an additional $12k/month into the business. Good luck to her on this idea. I think it should do very well.