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Monday, March 17, 2008

Killer quality cheap wine

Killer quality cheap wine. Four words I love to hear. Most wine is shipped from the winery to distributors to wholesalers to retailers, then lushes like you and I finally buy the wine. The makers of Cameron Hughes wine decided to skip several of those steps and sell directly to Costco. Additionally, their business idea is to take the surplus wines from higher end wineries and blend/bottle their own special taste. So they don’t have to harvest their own grapes or own a winery. It’s a similar strategy utilized by Charles Shaw, the big difference really is that the wine actually tastes good. Make that Great. And it’s cheap, not two dollars cheap but in the ten to fifteen dollar range. They do the whole breakdown of the cost of a bottle of wine on their website. Supposedly they made $16 million in sales last year, according to CNNmoney.com. I especially like their story because the founders Jessica Kogan and Cameron Hughes started their business together and then got married and now have kids together as well! What a dream life they have!