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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dropped out of High School to make millions

Gurbaksh Chahal came to America from India in 1985 with his parents, who had only $25. His parents’ dream was to see their four children succeed, which traditionally means to become an engineer or a doctor. Gurbaksh’s philosophy is failure is only when you let fear take over your dreams. Averse to failure, he dropped out of high school and started the company ClickAgents when he was only 16. At age 18, he sold the company to ValueClick for $40 million in stock. After ending his three year non-compete agreement, he started a company called BlueLithium, which is an online ad company focusing on behavioral targeting. Last year he sold that company for $300 million cash. He’s now worth over $100 million and he’s only 25 years old. Not too shabby. His website discusses the details. The shirtless picture is a little creepy though, don’t ya think?