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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Car wash carousel

Going to Danny’s family car wash is a cultural phenomenon. It’s become the place to be for people in the know. The first time I went to Danny’s I was convinced the mob ran the place – it’s impeccable, grand, and elaborate. Cars are washed through the carousel they have built. It just kind of has that mob feel. Guess I’ve watched too many Godfather movies. I did a little research on the place and it’s actually owned by Danny Hendon, an ex-cop from Detroit. There are a total of almost 30 Danny’s shops in the Phoenix area. He also owns Barcelona, one of the hottest nightclubs/restaurants in North Scottsdale. The man has it going on. His revenues are around $300 million/year.


Anonymous said...

Great article on the car wash. As soon as my brother drives into the Phoenix area from Austin, Texas, his first stop is at Danny's. He refuses to get his Caddie done in Austin. Hum...I wonder if his roots in Detroit indicates a common feel on how to run a good business.