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Sunday, March 30, 2008

BJ car auction

I am not really into old cars. I don’t really understand auctions. However, I’m in LOVE with the Barrett-Jackson car auction each year in January. I think it’s because I’ve witnessed first hand what a well oiled machine the business is. Truly an experience. I haven’t been to the auction in several years but I watch it regularly on the Speed network and have seen it grow. People put their classic cars on the auction block at no reserve and consistently sell them for large sums of money. There’s an auction assistant named Amy Assiter who seems to be the big seller every year. All the big wigs go to her when they are interested in placing a bid. Do these guys really think they are going to woo her by bidding high? Suckers. She’s married, folks. To the auctioneer. Anyway, Craig Jackson owns the auction and he seems to have done everything right – gets the publicity by showing the auction and behind the scenes on tv, he’s really emerged as the big player in the industry.