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Monday, April 12, 2010

Rent a Drug Sniffing Dog by the hour

I know I haven't written anything for awhile, haven't been inspired. I was just reading azcentral.com and came across this story I just can't pass up. There is a lady in Ahwatukee, Arizona who is renting out her drug sniffing dog by the hour to parents who suspect their kids are on drugs. The dog, named Dargo, could be yours for only $150/hour.

The owner, Amy Halm, says, "So many parents monitor their kids with drug tests, but Dargo provides a quicker, less-invasive option to testing. If he can assist in an intervention or deter one person, especially a young child from using drugs, it's worth it."

When Dargo sniffs out drugs, he doesn't scratch or dig, rather, he sits. Amy then posts a sticky note in the drug infested area and gives parents a list of counselors for their kid to see.

According to azcentral.com, "Dargo had a job at a police station in Indiana where he served as part of a drug detection team. Halm adopted the 6-year-old police academy canine at the K9 Global Training Academy in San Antonio three years ago after spotting him online during a pet search. The Malinois breed is a type of Belgian shepherd that is said to have high intelligence, stamina, and a keen sense of smell."

Amy's company website is www.desertdrugdog.com. Both she and her dog are certified by Zauberberg K-9 Academy in McNeal Arizona.

What I would like to know is what Dargo did to get fired from the Indiana police force??


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