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Friday, September 5, 2008

Immigrant Creates Top Notch Nail Company

I majorly splurged last weekend and got pampered with a champagne pedicure. When I arrived to get my toes done, I was asked to pick out a nail color. My normal style is bright pink, but I was in a subdued mood and went with another darker pink shade. I can’t remember the name of the color (possibly Fabulous Fuschia), but I have gotten more compliments on that nail color than anything in my life. Seriously.

I do however, remember the brand – it’s called OPI. OPI is a family owned company, started by George Schaeffer in 1981. He had migrated to the US as a child from post WW2 Eastern Europe.

Schaeffer has a love affair with the fashion industry. He began his successful career in the sportswear business in Manhattan. However, he loved the west coast, so he moved to Los Angeles and started a dental supply company. Through his work with this business, he realized the porcelains used by dentists are similar to those used by nail technicians to make fake nails. He married his passion for the fashion world with the porcelains and came up with a line of nail polish.

Today, OPI is the leader in professional nail care products. Schaeffer has spent much time researching trends, colors, sanitation and service. He shares his knowledge by training nail salon professionals how to use his product, as well as safety and cleanliness within the industry.

In 1999, OPI shipped over 20 million bottles of nail polish and had over $50 million in sales. I believe it, based on the feedback I’ve received from people on my color choice.


Mommy Meryl said...

OPI has always been my fave and one of my fave colors is Root Beer Float!

Anonymous said...

I have never used OPI before but after reading your post, it is on my list! I'm not one for bold colors so maybe I'll try something different too. :)

ALF said...

ohhh - pedicures are just the best, aren't they?

t said...

I use OPI almost exclusively. I love that polish, it doesn't congeal and lasts the longest without flaking. What is a champagne pedicure?? Sounds interesting!