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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Three Sisters Start Maternity Exchange Site

Ever since I did an article on Terrapass a few weeks ago and learned about my “carbon footprint”, I have been making a concerted effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. I’m not even close to being a fanatic about it, but I’m at least trying, which is a hundred percent more than I was doing before I read about Terrapass.

I recently came across a company called La Bump, a website which allows moms to be to exchange their maternity wear and kids clothes with each other. Seems like a timely business, considering the whole world seems to be going green these days.

The company was started by three sisters who shared their maternity clothes with each other. They realized that if they were interested in sharing maternity clothes, others probably would also be interested. They started the site to grow their own network and to help other mommies do the same.

“We have put a new spin on typical hand me downs and added some fun to recycling by creating a network of women who can buy, sell and trade,” says site co-founder and expecting mother Jill Marlowe. “Our goal is to make a collection of fabulously chic maternity clothing and kids items accessible and affordable for smart moms everywhere.”Until now, re-circulating maternity and children’s items was limited to family and friend networks or consignment stores that rely on charging fees to sell goods. Modeled after the hugely popular Craigslist, La Bump is a free service that doesn’t charge to post items for sell or trade.“Shopping for affordable maternity and children’s clothing is a necessity with the current economy,” says co-founder Beth Walker.

“Smart moms everywhere have to find new ways to save money on the essentials, but there’s no reason why it can’t be easy and fun.”


Mommy Meryl said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I'm sure it is a big hit!!

t said...

This is great. I sold my 2 maternity items on ebay and made back about half of what I pd so I was happy. If only the same could be done for my kids clothing--they wreck it with food, stains, and playing so much of it cannot be recycled except as dust rags.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea. I wish them big success. Debbie