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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burlesque style of dancing inspires business idea

I remember when Dita Von Teese was married to Marilyn Manson. My first thought was who is she, and the second thought was what is she doing with him? Turns out Dita is one of the main people responsible for bringing back the burlesque style of dancing, and for bringing the “tease back to strip tease”. The style of dance was popular in the 1800’s and more recently in the 1930s and 40’s. However, because of Dita, this style of vaudeville dance, singing and variety acts has become popular again today.

The company Scandalesque in Phoenix is an example of one business that provides entertainment using burlesque style of dancing and singing. The emphasis is on high style rather than stripper style. The dancers try to be sexy without being raunchy or tasteless. Within the company there are six dancers, and they offer performances throughout Arizona, and you can book them for your own party. Additionally, they offer classes and workshops for anyone interested in learning the skill. They also offer some cool merchandise on their online shop.

The dancers names are kind of funky – there is Broadway Betty, Pyra Sutra, Lady Fontayne, Naughty Nikita, Madame Zia and Peekaboo Pixie Lou.

Here’s an excerpt of their peep show.


Mommy Meryl said...

how did you even hear about this??? You must be very busy researching these days. . .:-)

t said...

To me that pairing was not nearly so odd as him with Evan Rachel Wood!