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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Start a specialty acts company for interesting parties

Okay, I will now reveal one of my guilty pleasures – I like to watch my Super Sweet 16 on MTV. It amazes me how parents are so quick to buy their kids these crazy parties, and I’m fascinated with what some of these kids come up with. One girl was a Wrigley heiress who held kind of a freak show at her party. I gotta admit, I’d love to be an attendee of a party with specialty acts. I found several companies that offer specialty acts for parties. Perhaps this would be a great business idea for someone else out there too, who may have special talents. Performances could be given at tons of different events, like weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, quincenearas, bachelor parties, showers, holiday parties, retirements, you name it.

My favorite specialty acts site is bubbygram.com – if only I lived in NYC – they offer human strolling dessert tables for weddings – someone walks around dressed like a bride or groom with the table looking like the bottom of the dress, carrying desserts. They also have girls popping out of birthday cakes, gold human Oscars (perfect for the Oscar party I want to give someday), Samba dancers, balloon twisters, human size Statue of Liberty, a momedy comedy show, dancers, trivia people, celebrity impersonations, silhouette artists, a guy who makes your name out of wire, and dozens of others.

Another site Hey Sugar Productions, offers impersonators and Vegas style productions and circus like events. That company is based in Minnesota and was founded by Lisa Marie Furth in 2001. She employs a team of costume designers and choreographers to provide the best entertainment in the Midwest.

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Mommy Meryl said...

I love love love party planning!!! I don't know who is more excited for Allie's camp rock bday party - she or I! :-)