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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How to make money hosting ridiculous competitions part 2

I had an article on how to make money hosting ridiculous competitions and one of the founders of Brewskeeball commented that they have a business around competitions in bars as well. I love this idea and want to share their story with my readers.

In August 2005, the fun loving founders and Skee-E-Os Eric Pavony and Evan Tobias were at their desks in NYC, when Evan had the idea to play skeeball in Coney Island. Sounded like a good idea to Eric, so off they went to spend the afternoon playing ball. Eric ended up challenging his friend to a best of seven series. That series went to a nail biting seventh game, Evan the winner, and they headed back to the office.

On the train back into town, the two strategized about how to be competitive in the game of skeeball: what shots were missed, how to improve their stats. In fact, by the time they got back to the office, they had an outline for their new skeeball league concept. After all, not everyone in Manhattan wants to go to Coney Island to play skeeball, why not have a skeeball tournament in a bar? Adding beer to the mix would make the sport even more fun.

Today and several beers later, there are over 350 teams in their skeeball league, and they have expanded to Charlotte, San Francisco and Wilmington. Check out the fun here:


t said...

Okay, now I'm jealous: how did you get a You Tube video attached to a blog entry??

To backpost, all you do is alter the date under Post Options.

Mommy Meryl said...

I love reading these stories!!! Maybe one day someone will blog about us!!

My Vision said...

Theresa, to add a you tube video to your post, just copy the "embed" code next to the video. It can be tricky - it didnt allow me to add all the code at once on my computer for some reason, but I copied the code to a word doc first, then transferred it to my post.