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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Come up with a reality show concept and get paid

If you have always thought, why didn’t I think of that idea? when you watch a reality show, now is your chance to shine. The guy who started Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal, and Big Brother, John De Mol – started a website this year talpacreative.com, which allows users to come up with original ideas for reality television shows and get paid for them. John De Mol has been featured on the Forbes 500 richest people in the world list. He’s a billionaire, well known in the Netherlands, who made his money producing television shows.

Here’s how the Talpa Creative process works –

  1. Join the creative team via registration on their website
  2. Check out their trends, resources and products
  3. Send them a non-scripted idea
  4. Receive money reward if they like your idea
  5. Remain an active participant by agreeing to submit at least two ideas a month
  6. Become creative of the month and receive $500 by being most active/creative member

If they “option” your show idea you receive money based on how well you have formatted the idea, amount of investment they have to spend to sell your idea, potential for international distribution, and number of episodes.

Apparently if Talpa likes your idea, they will test it in Holland and if there’s a strong track record in Holland, they will distribute it internationally and eventually in the US.

It sounds like it’s a way for the company to make millions off amateurs like myself. So be it. I think I have a few reality show concepts up my sleeve and can make a few grand by doing it. I’m signing up!

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Mommy Meryl said...

Ohhh - I like this one!!! I can't think of lots of reality shows ideas - how much worse than wife swapping or teenage kids taking care of babies can there be?

Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to post your ideas entered elsewhere,such as your own blog. Or do your ideas have to stay exclusive to them for a period of time I wonder. I'll have to check it out.

Also interesting would be internet reality show contests, like Blog Idol.

My Vision said...

I like that idea, Duane! I've seen reality websites, namely online contests like you can join a forum for losing weight or attaining exercise goals, I think American Idol was going to launch an online version of their show but I havent seen it come to fruition yet.