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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Few predictions of businesses in the next ten years

There was an article on MSNBC a while back that talks about the businesses that probably won’t be around in ten years. I’ll do a quick rundown of their predictions:

  1. record stores: world is going online

  2. camera film manufacturers: world is going digital

  3. crop dusters: too dangerous, and the average age of a crop duster is 60 years old

  4. gay bars: homosexuals have increased acceptance in society, decreasing the need for gay bars

  5. newspapers: world is going online for news

  6. pay phones: everybody and his brother now has a cell

  7. used bookstores: most buy books online

  8. piggy banks: moving to a digital world and paperless society

  9. telemarketing: Do Not Call list is very popular

  10. Coin Operated Arcades: ever hear of the Wii, xbox, or playstation?

I’d like to get out my crystal ball and make some other predictions:

  1. most golf shops: the excitement Tiger Woods has brought to the sport created a plethora of golf stores, especially in Arizona. I predict people will finally realize they have a long way to go to become the next Tiger, and golf shops and courses will be torn down.

  2. Circuit City: no one is ever in that store when I’m there, and more and more people are buying products of this type online.

  3. Revlon: nobody buys that anymore, do they? I think companies like Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Mac, and Sephora will dominate the makeup industry.

  4. Airborne: I still see this in stores, even though it’s been proven it doesn’t work because it was developed by a SCHOOL TEACHER people!!!

  5. half of the mattress stores out there. In one shopping center in particular, there are three or four mattress stores. How many mattress stores do we need??

Just some thoughts. Do you have any other predictions?