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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dreading doing the laundry leads to Business Idea

The other night I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and Bruce Jenner told the youngest girl to do her chores and he would pay her I think $15. She “outsourced” her chores by hiring someone to do them for her for $5. This netted her $10 for sitting on her butt. Pretty clever. I hate doing chores too. Now I don’t have to. There’s a site called www.domystuff.com, which allows you to post the “tasks that clutter your life”, such as taking out the trash, walking your dog, cleaning the floors. Assistants bid to do your tasks. The steps are:

  1. Post your errands on their website
  2. Choose the bid duration for the specific task
  3. Limit bidders by rating or location
  4. People bid on the task
  5. Review bids and pick who you want to work for you
  6. Forward payment into Domystuff’s account, and Domystuff will hold onto the money until the job is completed to your satisfaction
  7. Clarify details of the job with your newly hired assistant
  8. Leave feedback.

There are no fees for posting or obtaining jobs, but you need to have a subscription in order to do so. There are free and paid subscription plans, depending on what you want to do. Founder Darren Berkovitz was sitting around with a coworker one day talking about how so many computer jobs were getting outsourced, he laughed about how he wanted to outsource a girlfriend. Then he got to thinking, I wish I could outsource my laundry and all the other jobs I hate doing. Hence, the website was launched in March 2007 by 24 year old Darren Berkovitz, three of his buddies and $100,000.


Anonymous said...

I wish someone would do all my stuff for just one penny. haha. This is my first time stopping by. Lovely blog.