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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Changing your life focus due to daughter's diagnosis

Before my daughter Sophia could talk I had heard babies can communicate using sign language. I went to a few classes on it and watched a public television show that taught several of the basic words babies use, like “more”, “milk”, “eat”, “help”, “all done”. The television show was called “Signing Time” and was started by a mom named Rachel Coleman. Rachel grew up from a musical family. Her grandmother was Alyce King, of the 60’s musical show The King Family Show. Her father was the musical director of the Sonny and Cher show, and Rachel too is a singer/songwriter. When Rachel’s daughter Leah was one year old, she noticed she didn’t jump when a CD was played very loudly. Then Rachel realized it was because Leah was deaf.
Suddenly Rachel felt music didn’t have a place in her life. Now her focus was Leah.

She and her husband Aaron learned sign language and taught it to their daughter. However, Leah was left out on the playground and at birthday parties because people couldn’t communicate with her. In order for Leah to feel included, Rachel decided to start teaching sign language at local preschools. Rachel’s sister Emilie was a theater graduate and thought if they were to make even a hundred DVDs of a fun show with sign language, Leah’s life would be changed for the better.

Rachel used her background in music to create a theme song, and together they all began working on producing the videos in 2001, incorporating the company Two Little Hands Productions. The video was released in 2002, and through their website orders came through. They were highlighted on the Today show a year later and were encouraged to create another DVD. Additionally they have a show on PBS called Signing Time! Not only have they made a lot of money (last year, company revenue was over $3 million), but they have also helped change the thinking of a generation of kids who are now growing up thinking that sign language is normal. In fact, studies have shown kids who learn sign language:

  1. Read earlier
  2. Are better adjusted
  3. Have higher IQs

Supposedly the terrible twos are easier if your child knows sign language, because they can communicate better. If this is true, I can't even imagine what my child would have been like without learning some basic words. I think I would have had to call in Nanny 911.


Anonymous said...

Signing Time ROCKS! We love this in our house. Our daughter was speech delayed but was able to communicate easily with Signing Time!

Holly Tried It said...

Signing helped with tantrums caused by inability to communicate. But I have found that my daughter can throw a decent tantrum when she communicates through sign. We know what she wants. She knows we know what she wants. And she throws a fit because we won't let her have it.

Anonymous said...

Signing Time is a wonderful program created by wonderful people. We use the ST dvd's at home with our family and friends, and I have loaned out my dvd's out to friends and students. I recommend the series to everyone I meet!