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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Billboard advertising brings in the Buck$

Here in Arizona, we hear a bit about a man named Arturo Moreno, mainly because he’s one of a handful of billionaires in the state. A Vietnam vet, Moreno is of Mexican descent, a native of Tucson and the oldest of eleven kids. He became the first in his family to earn a degree, having graduated in marketing from the University of Arizona in 1973. He worked for Gannett advertising for seven years after graduating. Eventually he settled in Phoenix, AZ, and partnered with advertising ace William Levine to build a company called Outdoor Systems, a billboard advertising company. Upon becoming CEO, the company’s profits went from $500,000 to $90 million in less than ten years. The company became publicly traded and in 1999 Moreno sold the company for over $8 billion. Moreno is a huge family man too. Oh, an he’s also now an owner of the Anaheim Angels baseball team.