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Friday, May 9, 2008

Alternative becomes Mainstream

You know it's Comic Con week in San Diego when a) there's no available hotel rooms in the entire city and b) everywhere you go you see people walking around in Batman or Incredible Hulk Costumes. Comic Con is a convention for comics fans that started almost forty years ago in San Diego by a comic fanatic named Shelton Dorf. The first convention was held at the US Grant Hotel, had about 300 people, and featured writer Ray Bradbury as a guest speaker. Ten years ago there were 48,000 in attendance, and last year there were over 125,000 people at Comic Con. The event is now held at the San Diego Convention Center. Comic Con lasts four days, and in the past directors like Rob Zombie (House of 1000 Corpses) and Kevin Smith (Clerks) have attended. Activities of the event include panels, seminars and workshops, movie screenings and previews, gaming, and a costume contest. Comic Com has become so big, other cities are joining in the fun - New York City now has one as well. If you're unable to attend, the event is now televised on cable TV.